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Building a job board in Rails

So I’ve been following Mackenzie Child‘s online tutorials for ROR and managed to build a job board by following his screencast!   Interesting things I learnt during this tutorial: HAML -Beautiful, DRY, well-indented, clear markup. Adding models via the console. Adding filters (categories to jobs). I really enjoyed this tutorial, please try the app and let me know how I can improve.

Why beginners should attend technical meetups

I’ve attended, sponsored or organised possibly  a total of 100 hackathons, technical meetups,  workshops, talks and conferences combined in the last couple of years. I realised that a lot of people don’t come for those meetups because they think they won’t understand the content. I’d like to change that perspective today. You go to meetups to learn and be inspired by the community. Some people approach meetups thinking  that everyone else around them understands exactly what the speaker is talking about and end up feeling depressed when they don’t actually know. But most meetups don’t work this way.  When I was at the last Ruby meetup I had little clue what was going on because I’m still a beginner rubyist, but when I asked my seasoned ruby dev friend sitting next to me if he understood what was going on  he whispered in my ear, “nope, no idea what he’s talking about too.” Learning to code is like learning a new language, you need to constantly put yourself in an environment where people are speaking that new language to get good. …

Building BentoBooks #launchin30

Hi everyone! Today I’m excited to announce that I’m going to build BentoBooks for my #launchin30 challenge, inspired by Mackenzie Child‘s 12 x 12 challenge. In thirty days, I will launch this new book exchange app. I’ve already completed OneMonthRails and built a small Pinterest clone – although the images are disabled because AWS is crazy expensive for hosting! Purpose of the app: To facilitate easy book exchanges between a book club community. Here are some of the features that I can foresee this app having: 1. User Authentication 2. Private Messaging 3. Image Uploads 4. Validations 5. Pagination If you’re starting just like me, some guides that have been really helpful so far (will be updating as I go along): Install Rails – For a step by step guide to installing Rails on your Mac or PC. Ruby Toolbox  and Ruby Gems – For DB of Ruby Gems Heroku Toolbelt – headache free way to deploy your apps I’ve really enjoyed building the Pinterest app, but have totally dropped the ball and this is a good chance to …